STAC-TS Benchmark Report - Time Synchronisation


An increasing number of network devices such as switches, capture cards and network adapters offer the ability to timestamp frames. Regulators now require firms to demonstrate the traceability of their timestamps to the relevant time reference.

The STAC-TS Benchmarks cover the accuracy of timestamping network packets i.e. network timestamping and provide an independent framework on how to measure timeframe accuracy.


STAC-TS serves as a reference facility for the industry as well as ...

  • Providing a set of testing tools that embody industry best practices for assessing time compliance of components and solutions.
  • Enabling independent research reports that will both help organizations evolve their timing and event-capture solutions and provide evidence for compliance purposes.

The benchmark report covers methodologies and results for:

  • Absolute accuracy in steady state
  • Absolute accuracy in holderover and after recovery
  • Port-sync error within a device
  • Port-sync error between devices